La'Shonda davis


Behind The Chair.

A vibrant, passionate, loving; yet  down to earth personality who places herself in the shoes of her clients. Meet La'Shonda Davis, The Hair Doctor based in Atlanta & Huntsville Al , and native of Huntsville, Al. LaShonda Davis is known as the Hair Care Expert, specializing in Natural hair care and styling, Amino Acid Silk Press, Precision Cuts, multi dimensional Hair Color and Hair Extensions.  Her signature concept is creating effortlessly beautiful and healthy hair for all textures and ethnicities, while creating individualized looks for each client.


Although her career began as a hobby, La'Shonda soon recognized her talent and decided to take it to the next level. La'Shonda was able to develop a natural gift of hair styling and an understanding of hair care by the age of 13. “I fell in love with the beauty of hair and wanted to explore various textures.” Upon graduating from J.F Drake State Technical College of Huntsville  in 2009, La'Shonda started working inside of a Paul Mitchel Focus Salon by the age of 18 and built her clientel in 2yr. But that was just the beginning, La'Shonda felt like Alabama wasn't big enough for her. La'Shonda relocated to the world’s leading hair capitol, Atlanta Georgia in 2011.


In June 2012, La'Shonda opened her very own  salon, Elle Shon Studio. This was just the beginning. 2016, La'Shonda changed the salon name to Hair Doctor Atlanta. She is a very skilled and knowledgeable professional, affluent in all textures and lengths, hence her outstandingly diverse clientele. Today, La'Shonda is emerging as one of the most sought after hair care professional for professional working women and business owners in Atlanta, GA. Her professionalism and uniqueness, has already presented a wealth of opportunities for her as she expands her brand bringing the knowledge learned from Atlanta back to her hometown Huntsville Alabama and begins to tackle new projects in the beauty industry.



"When I am able to give a client what they have spent years to achieve, the feeling of accomplishment is priceless. Hair is an outlet of beauty for many women. I enjoy being able to place smiles on the faces of these beauties and even more their husbands that come into the salon just to thank me for giving their wives a fresh new look. I am very passionate about my gift and I take every part very seriously. Therefore i truly value the client that sincerely appreciates my work, which makes me feel so necessary in this world.”


-LaShonda Davis

The Hair Doctor